Vol.29 No.1 ; 2012
폐렴구균백신의 효과
Efficacy of Pneumococcal Vaccines


Vol.29 No.1 p1-8, June2012   (Review Article)

폐절제술을 시행받은 환자의 수술 전후 관리
Perioperative Management of Lung Resection Patients


Vol.29 No.1 p9-13, June2012   (Review Article)

나선식 CT를 이용한 혐색소형 신세포암과 투명세포형 신세포암의 감별
Differentiation of Chromophobe Renal Cell Carcinoma and Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma by Using Helical CT

김홍철, 조재호

Vol.29 No.1 p14-18, June2012   (Original Article)

애디슨병 환자에게 리팜핀 투여 후 발생한 급성 부신피질기능 저하증 1예
A Case of Rifampin-Induced Recurrent Adrenal Insufficiency During the Treatment of Pulmonary Tuberculosis in a Patient with Addison's Disease

강종식, 고광범, 이재준, 전성진, 김민수, 최광현, 김선목, 이우제

Vol.29 No.1 p19-23, June2012   (Case Report)

A Case of Ruptured Mycotic Hepatic Artery Aneurysm Successfully Treated Using Arterial Embolization

Gi Ae Kim, Han Chu Lee1, Young-Joo Jin1, Jee Eun Yang, Min Jung Lee, Ji-hyun Park, Bo young Lee

Vol.29 No.1 p24-27, June2012   (Case Report)

횡문근융해증과 경한 신손상을 동반한 급성 A형 간염 1예
Rhabdomyolysis and Mild Kidney Injury in a Patient with Acute Hepatitis A

조규민, 김창욱1, 성현진, 허 준, 전부석, 이종환, 심은희, 이석종, 이창돈

Vol.29 No.1 p28-30, June2012   (Case Report)

Contralateral Tension Pneumothorax during One Lung Ventilation by a Univent® Tube

Min Young No, Sung Ha Moon, Hyun Soo Kim

Vol.29 No.1 p31-34, June2012   (Case Report)

A Case of Traumatic Bilateral Adrenal Hemorrhage Mimicking Bilateral Adrenal Adenomas

Min Jung Lee, Gi Ae Kim, Jung Eun Jang, Hyo In Choi, Seo Hyun Lee, Gwang Beom Koh, Ga Hee Kim, Min-Seon Kim

Vol.29 No.1 p35-37, June2012   (Case Report)

Superior Vena Cava Syndrome Without Thrombosis Found in Behcet's Disease

Hyun Soo Kim, Hyung Jun Kim1, Ki Hwan Hur, Kyung Rok Kim, Jae Won Choi, Dong Woo Kang

Vol.29 No.1 p38-41, June2012   (Case Report)

두개 내를 침범한 형질세포골수종 1예
A Case of Intracranial Involvement in Plasma Cell Myeloma

이수현, 정윤영, 임예지, 고선영, 최유아, 김영운, 이성은, 박종원

Vol.29 No.1 p42-44, June2012   (Case Report)

Osteochondroma of the Rib Mimicking a Mediastinal Mass: Unexpected Menifestation in Hereditary Multiple Exostoses

Sang Kyun Bae, Won Sik Kang, Seung Hoon Yoo, Jeong Hyeon Cho, Kyung Won Park, Bu Hyun Lee, Jung Hun Baek, Jae Ho Chung

Vol.29 No.1 p45-47, June2012   (Case Report)

3개월 이내에 갑자기 발생한 거대 간세포암종
Huge Hepatocellular Carcinoma Abruptly Developed within 3 Months

이상혁, 김병익, 전창욱, 방기배, 정은행, 서정연, 박은혜, 설지수

Vol.29 No.1 p48-53, June2012   (Case Report)

A Case of Primary Endobronchial Neurilemmoma Without Intraspinal Extension

Mi Young Kim, Hyun Ji Kim, Ah Lim Kim, Hyeong Seok Kim, Hyun Woong Shin1, Seung Wook Jeong

Vol.29 No.1 p54-57, June2012   (Case Report)

스코폴라민부착포에 의해 발생한 중추성항콜린 증후군 1예
A Case of Scopolamine-Induced Central Anticholinergic Syndrome

신동성, 이호선, 이세진

Vol.29 No.1 p58-60, June2012   (Case Report)

요골동맥을 통한 관상동맥촬영 중 진단된 편위된 우측쇄골하동맥 1예
A Case of Aberrant Right Subclavian Artery(Arteria Lusoria) with Chest Tightness and Coughing

한승희, 김수영, 박혜경, 박종성

Vol.29 No.1 p61-64, June2012   (Case Report)