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영남의대학술지 Vol.24_No.2 Suppl. P.S742-745, Dec. 2007

Case Report

백반과 유사한 증상을 보인 편평사마귀 1 예

A Case of Verruca Plana Looked Like Vitiligo

문석기, 김미혜, 김찬우, 신동훈, 최종수, 김기홍
영남대학교 의과대학 피부과학교실
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December 30, 2007


Verruca plana is caused by human papillomavirus. Clinical features are 2- to 4-mm slightly elevated, flat topped, smooth papules that may be hyperpigmented. They are generally multiple and are grouped on the face and hand dorsum. Children and young adults are primarily affected.
We report a case of verruca plana with vitiligo like lesions in a 6-year-old female patient. She had been treated with topical imiquimod cream and the lesions were getting better.

Key Words: Verruca plana, Vitiligo


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