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Case Report


Xanthogranulomatous Inflammation of Transverse Colon

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December 30, 2007


Xanthogranulomatous inflammation is an uncommon benign inflammatory disease characterized by aggregation of lipid-laden foamy macrophages (xanthoma cells) that usually presents with tumor-like appearance. The clinical and radiological findings are suggestive of advanced carcinoma of involved organ. A 66-year-man presented fever, upper abdominal mass during 10 days. By computed tomography, barium enema and PET-CT, his case suspected transverse colon malignancy. A laparotomy was performed. On operation, huge mass originated from mid-transverse was identified and transverse colectomy was performed. The pathologic report demonstrated xanthogranulomatous inflammation in transverse colon.

Key Words: Xanthogranulomatous inflammation, Transverse colon


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