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Ǵм Vol.24_No.2 Suppl. P.S719-724, Dec. 2007

Case Report

A Case of Vascular Anomaly in Swine: Infrahepatic Caudal/Inferior Vena Cava Interruption with Azygos/Hemiazygos Continuation

Won Kyu Park, Kil Ho Cho
Department of Radiology, College of Medicine, Yeungnam University, Daegu, Korea
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Tel: (053) 620-3048, Fax: (053) 653-5484
E-mail: wkpark@ynu.ac.kr

December 30, 2007


Absence of caudal/inferior vena cava (CVC/IVC) with azygos/hemiazygos continuation is an uncommon vascular anomaly. To the best of the investigators knowledge, this is the first report of absence of CVC/IVC with azygos/hemiazygos continuation in the swine in the world. In this case, absence of CVC/IVC was confirmed by venography and necropsy. The recognition of this congenital venous anomaly (CVC/IVC interruption with azygos/hemiazygos continuation) is important for interventional radiologist and cardiologist.

Key Words: Caudal vena cava, Inferior vena cava, azygos/hemiazygos vein, congenital anomaly


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