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Congenital Aortic Arch Anomaly: CT Findings and Incidence

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December 30, 2007


PurposeThe study was done to evaluate the variable presentation of aortic arch anomaly.
Materials and MethodsAmong consecutive 10,008 patients who underwent chest CT scanning at our institution for five years, we experienced 49 cases of aortic arch anomalies. The patients who represented with right side aortic arch only were excluded.
ResultsThirty five patients revealed aberrant right subclavian artery, 11 patients show aberrant left subclavian artery with right side aortic arch, and 3 patients revealed double aortic arch. No patients represent obstructive symptom.
ConclusionAberrant subclavian artery and double aortic arch were common congenital aortic arch anomaly, and recognition of vascular anomaly can avoid procedure failure of surgery and interventional therapy.

Key Words: Aortic arch anomaly, Computed tomography


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