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영남의대학술지 Vol.24_No.2 Suppl. P.S443-448, Dec. 2007

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두경부암에서 3차원 입체조형 방사선치료와 세기변조 방사선치료시 귀밑샘의 선량분포 비교

Comparision of Parotid Gland Dose Distribution between 3DCRT and IMRT in Head and Neck Radiation Therapy

윤상모, 김성규
영남대학교 의과대학 방사선종양학교실
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December 30, 2007


Purpose:This study compared 3 dimensional conformal radiation therapy (3DCRT) to intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) in parotid glands sparing in head and neck cancers.
Materials and Methods:Planning target volume (PTV) was outlined on each CT slice. The dose of 50.4 Gy was prescribed to the PTV with the conventional fraction, 5 fractions per week. We also outlined spinal cord and both parotid glands. With Eclipse 3 dimensional planning system, 3DCRT and IMRT planning were done.
Results:After plan optimization, PTV dose distribution was evaluated with dose volume histogram. The 90% isodose curve covered almost all of PTV for both techniques. Maximum and median dose for spinal cord were 36.8 Gy and 34.2 Gy in 3DCRT, 39.9 GY and 37.5 Gy in IMRT. For parotid glands, mean and median dose were 33.6 Gy and 37.6 Gy in 3DCRT, 24.9 Gy and 24.5 Gy in IMRT.
Conclusion:For the non-pharyngeal head and neck cancers, 3DCRT was cost effective radiation modality in prevention radiation therapy induced xerostomia.

Key Words: 3 Dimensional conformal radiation therapy (3DCRT), Intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), Head and neck cancer


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