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영남의대학술지 Vol.24_No.2 Suppl. P.S391-398, Dec. 2007

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절제불능 위암 및 재발 위암환자에서 TS-1 단독 혹은 TS-1/CDDP 병용요법의 효과 및 부작용

Efficacy of Unresectable or Recurred Gastric Cancer Treated with TS-1 Chemotherapy or TS-1/CDDP Combination Chemotherapy

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December 30, 2007


Purpose:Although several chemotherapy regimens used against advanced and recurred gastric cancer have been studied extensively in an attempt to further improve the prognosis of patients, no standard chemotherapeutic regimens have been established. The aim of this study was to determine the anti-tumor efficacy and safety of TS-1 or TS-1 plus cisplatin (CDDP).
Materials and Methods:From December 2004 to June 2007, we treated 43 patients with unresectable or recurred gastric cancer either with 80 mg/m2 of TS-1 for 28 days, which was followed by a 2-week rest, or with 80 mg/m2 of TS-1 for 28 days and 60 mg/m2 of CDDP on day 3 every 6 weeks.
Results:Tumor response rates in the primary chemotherapy group and in the recurrent group were 46.7% and 21.4%, respectively. The median survival rates in the primary and the recurrent group were 14 months and 8 months, and it was not significantly different. But the one-year survival rates according to the kinds of regimens (TS-1 or TS-1/CDDP group) were significantly different (P=0.0014). The incidences of grade 3 or 4 adverse effects were 18%, respectively.
Conclusion:The anti-tumor efficacy and safety of TS-1 and TS-1 plus CDDP in unresectable or recurred gastric cancer patients seemed to be high with modest adverse effects, thus suggesting the possible use of this regimen for unresectable or recurred gastric cancer patients.

Key Words: TS-1, Chemotherapy, Tumor response rate, Gastric cancer


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