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Nonsegmental Abnormal Arterial Attenuation: Transient Hyperperfusion of the Peripheral Zone of the Liver on Arterial Dominant Phase

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December 30, 2007


PurposeThis study was done to arrange the cases showing temporally hyperperfusion in the periphery of the liver, to check the etiology and mechanism, and to find out the new radiologic role on diffuse liver disease.
Materials and MethodsWe reviewed 12 cases of showing transient arterial hyperperfusion in the just peripheral portion of the liver on the arterial dominant phase on dynamic CT and the absence of abnormal perfusion between central and peripheral portion on tissue equilibrium phase. We retrospectively analyzed final diagnosis and the presence of main portal vein thrombi, and cavernous transformation.
ResultsFinal diagnosis in 12 cases was as follows: diffuse liver disease was in seven cases, pancreatitis in three and pyogenic portal thrombosis in two. Main portal vein thrombosis were detected all cases of pancreatitis and pyogenic portal thrombosis. In seven diffuse liver disease, two cases shown thrombosed, two cases shown normal and the other cases are collapsed. Cavernous transformation was in three cases of pancreatitis and two of diffuse liver disease.
ConclusionWe think that the causes of this phenomenon maybe as follows: the difference of the hemodynamic compensation mechanism between central and peripheral zone of the liver, presence of microscopic thrombi in peripheral portal branch which cannot be detected by imaging technique, hypercoagulability in portal area, the systematic destruction of terminal portal branch and the development of ectopic portal pathway.

Key Words: Liver, CT, Angiography, Hyperpefusion.


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