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Chronic Venous Insufficiency

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December 30, 2007


Venous insufficiency can be divided into primary venous insufficiency and chronic venous insufficiency. The latter is characterized by advanced skin changes of hyperpigmentation, edema, ulceration, scarring from healed ulcers or open ulcerations. Pretreatment evaluation is done with a standing ultrasound reflux examination. Thorough mapping of extremity reflux is desirable. Physiologic tests of venous function, such as plethysmography, are unnecessary. Treatment is directed at closing refulxing axial veins as well as controlling those perforating veins with outward flow. Varicose veins contribute to axial reflux and must be obliterated. In performing ablation of saphenous vein reflux, techniques include high ligation with strrpping, radiofrequency ablation, endovenous laser therapy, and foam sclerotherapy. Initial treatment of severe chronic venous insufficiency is usually carried out by controlling the edema with elastic bandaging or nonelastic support, such as Unna boot or the CircAid dressing. Incompetent perforation interruption can be accomplished surgically by subfascial endoscopic perforator surgery (SEPS) or controlled sclerotherapy using ultrasound.. Surgical intervention has been successful but the advent of foam sclerotherapy has proven to be an attractive alternative to surgery and has added a new tool for the treatment of severe chronic venous insufficiency.

Key Words: Chronic Venous insufficiency, Venous ulcer.


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